Funeral Companies Melbourne

4Victoria Funerals : Victoria Funerals was custom built to provide client families with the highest level of comfort and convenience.Victoria Funerals has established itself as a funeral provider for many families in the Greek,Macedonian, Serbian and Indian Orthodox communities who now recognize all the Victoria Funerals staff to the point where we feel like we are members of their community.

Le Pine Funerals : With more than a century of experience in the Funeral Services Industry Le Pine have carved a niche in Melbourne pioneering in their services. It’s one-stop shop for numerous services that are provided under one roof.The elements of a ‘’special goodbye’’ is a personalized theme where you can write a heartfelt eulogy to your dear one on their coffins leaving a message for them forever. An after funeral function is organised in order to share some light moments about whom you miss dearly. There are also life-art coffins that  are engraved where you can share memorable photos, poems or messages on them. Le Pine also provides repatriation services for those who are in need.

Tobin Brothers: Since 1934, Tobin Brothers, have grown to be Australia’s one of leading family owned funeral services company. With 22 branches based across Melbourne and Echuca and over 190 caring professionals Tobin Brothers operate as brand name called Tobin Brothers Funerals in Melbourne today. Tobin Brothers work hand-hand with the  families who have suffered a loss. They offer seminars/ grief programs to the family of the deceased to cope from the moment of pain to the time they are able to withstand themselves emotionally. It’s  disheartening but it is reality.

Apart from this they provide the regular services arranging funeral services and conducting masses. They also have special child grief programs which  really make a huge impact on lives of little ones as their fragile minds cannot take such harsh realities of life.

Kingston Funerals : Kingston is an independent  small knit company which offer great services which is customized according to the needs of the client. They are also the first company to initiate eco-friendly funerals which is popularly termed as ‘green funerals’ by the company.Green funerals are further segregated into green basic, Regal Honeycomb, Rosewood Honeycomb, Woven Basket etc. They have various funerals priced differently as per your choice. Also a person can choose between a coffin or casket, with green enabling, conventional set-up or anyway. As they say, customer is King and Kingston proves it to us.

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